Cliffleigh Meadows

Cliffleigh Meadows is a 125 acre housing estate of playgrounds, parks, barbecue areas and sporting grounds which is located only 25 minutes from the city of Newcastle! Cliffleigh Meadows is the perfect location for first time home owners looking to join a vibrant community that is safe and convenient. The location features cycle-paths which spiral throughout the estate creating a communal and idyllic living environment.

Affordable land makes Cliffleigh meadows a fantastic location for any buyers who may be on a budget. With exceptional community values and modern style living you’ll fit right in with your neighbours, invest in your future by choosing Cliffleigh Meadows for your next home.

Williams Designer Homes are experts in creating modern housing infrastructure suitable for a luxury such as Cliffleigh Meadows, if you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact us

Cliftleigh Meadows, Designer Homes, first home buyers
Cliftleigh Meadows, Designer Homes, first home buyers

About The Hunter Valley

Cliffleigh Meadows is located in the heart of The Hunter Valley. The Hunter Valley is a location like no where on earth, beautiful scenic vineyards and rolling hills within a unique Australian landscape has attracted the attention of tourists for years!

A short 25 minute drive to Newcastle makes The Hunter Valley the perfect location for those commuting to work or couples raising a family. The Hunter Valley has many famous attractions such as Drayton’s Winery and The Hunter Valley Gardens, which contains many reputable restaurants and dining experiences.

Enjoy the fresh air of the countryside and soak in the wonderful views that Cliffleigh Meadows has to offer.